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Host engaging online events for your corporate , academic  or trade audience using the best event management platform.

  • Host immersive online events
  • Go beyond webinars and workshops by leveraging technology to reach a global audience
  • Merge the physical with the virtual ; by adding an online version of your physical event
  • Make your event smart by adding a custom mobile-app

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The basic features of an online exhibition

Our  virtual expos  offer the following platforms to enhance audience engagement during your event. The complete list of 10 must-have features of  an event management platform is in the Product-Features page.

Exhibition Hall and Booths

Gain access to a comprehensive virtual exhibition hall, complete with specialized booths that present products, services, and informative content, offering a curated experience for attendees.

Live Presentations

Attendees have the opportunity to engage with live presentations, where speakers deliver content in real-time, fostering immediate interaction and feedback.

Networking Lounge

A dedicated space designed for fostering connections, the networking lounge allows attendees to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build professional relationships in a relaxed virtual setting.

Multilingual Events

To cater to a global audience, events are available in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

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